For me, translating a text
means 'living it’


Back in Genoa, life initially directed me towards a job in the export sales office of a multinational corporation.

At the same time, I started doing translations whenever the opportunity arose. After just three years in the company, I realized that my passion and love for words were always uppermost in my mind and I could no longer ignore this. So I resigned my job and started on my adventure as a freelance translator.

Initially I specialized in technical translations, particularly anything to do with two and four wheeled vehicles, and later progressed to legal translations. To acquire the necessary skills to deal with the issues posed by the law, I attended a variety of courses and seminars in both languages, as Anglo-Saxon Common Law in particular presents obstacles that go far beyond mere linguistic skills.

To advance my professional development, I joined the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti, which includes professionals without a register recognized by the law of 2013, as well as the Collegio iugure Periti ed Esperti and to be included in the list of experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa and the register of approved technical consultants (CTUs) at the Court of Genoa.

Thus I am also approved to carry out certified and legally binding translations on request.

However, my development is characterized by continuous further education and training, because in work as in life you never stop learning.

How I can help you


Technical and legal documents, legally certified where necessary

Training for companies

Conversation and business correspondence courses

Terminology training

Training events focusing in-depth on sector-specific vocabulary

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